who hosts* hate?



What do you mean by host?

To determine which company is hosting a particular site, we do an ASN lookup on the site’s IP address, and arrive at the name of the site’s ISP. For many sites, the name of the ISP is the site’s CDN. In this case, there’s no trivial, programmatic way to determine the site’s underlying host behind the CDN. Despite this, the CDN is still serving assets for hateful sites, in addition to providing additional security and DDoS protections.

What is a hate group?

Work is being done to classify all the sites listed on this site. If a site has already been classified, the classification will appear in brackets after the site’s domain. Here’s an index of the classifications:

Website for a Southern Poverty Law Center designated hate group or extremist
Website for a CAIR designated Islamophobic organization or individual

How current is this?

The data presented on this site was last fetched on June 04, 2021.